Our Services

Custom developments

Following the assessment of our clients’ needs, we select the most suitable solution that meets their requirements from all aspects. In case of custom developments, it’s important to define the needs and expectations accurately together during a face-to-face meeting to ensure the best possible result.

Webshop development

When launching a webshop, it’s important to define the business’s goals and assess its needs in advance. After taking into consideration the initial and future functions, our clients can choose between a WordPress-based platform enhanced with a WooCommerce plug-in and an entirely custom-developed webshop. While the former is a fundamentally lower-price solution, which is less-customizable and modifiable in the future, the latter requires bigger investment in the beginning, but it can be extended easier and at a favorable price in the long run.


We provide new and existing businesses with extensive brand development and rebranding support. Our services include logo, business card and landing page design, and a number of online and offline activities that are necessary in the establishment of a brand. Thanks to our diverse partner network, we can even help you arrange and complete practical tasks, such as printing.

Mobile Applications

It could be Swift, Kotlin, a programming language or even a hybrid application. You can trust us with confidence. We have several years of specialization at our disposal.

Technical support

We provide our clients with technical support with the products they purchased from us until the end of the pre-defined support period. In case we identify an emerging problem as a bug, we fix it as a matter of urgency, free of charge. The support period can be extended following its expiration date, and custom agreements are also possible upon request.

Ready-made products for WooCommerce

SimplePay payment plug-in

The SimplePay payment plug-in lets your customers pay with their debit and credit cards in your webshop quickly and easily.

Barion payment plug-in

By using Barion, your customers will be able to pay conveniently and securely in your webshop with their debit and credit cards, or by deducting the amount from their pre-paid balance.

Pick Pack Pont plug-in

By adding the Pick Pack Pont plug-in, you’ll let your customers have the product they purchased delivered to and stored at a Pick Pack Pont near them until they collect it.

GLS csomagpont plug-in

The GLS csomagpont plug-in lets your cutomers request GLS to drop off the product they purchased at one of their pick-up points and store it there until they collect it.

Posta pont plug-in

By using the Posta pont plug-in, your customers will be able to request their parcel to be placed and stored at a Posta pick-up point until they collect it.